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Green Energy for a Clean Community

The power of community solar makes renewable, green energy possible for everyone. Community solar is the smart, sustainable farm-to-circuit energy solution. Nothing to install and no upfront costs, community solar brings an environmentally sustainable energy source direct to consumers with Guaranteed Savings!


Guaranteed Savings For Everyone!

It has never been so easy to go green and save money. Community solar is the clear choice of green energy to build a green community. Enrollment is easy, saving money on your energy costs is even easier!

Community Solar Farms

Community solar farm projects produce solar energy to supply to the grid.


We help community solar developers find consumers who are seeking green energy solutions for their home or business.

Green Energy Consumers

Green energy consumers are those looking for a smart, sustainable farm-to-circuit energy solution. Their shares make community solar possible.


4 Reasons to Choose Us

We are passionate about solar energy, and we are dedicated to education and delivering the benefits of 100% renewable solar energy. Our vision is to bring accessible green energy to every member of the community.


Smart, Sustainable Energy Choices

Electrical consumers have a choice, and the smart choice is to be part of community solar! We’ll help you through every step in the process.


Save Your Money

Save 10-15%* on your utility bill, we will help you with this. Gloating is optional


We Make Renewable Energy Available to Everyone

Whether you rent or own your own property, whether you are commercial or residential, community solar is the smart choice for green energy.


Solar Power Without the Muss and Fuss of Expensive Equipment!

Once the realm exclusively for those with deep enough pockets to afford solar panel installation, community solar puts green energy within the reach of everyone.

About iSolar

The leading brand in renewable energy

iSolar is the leading brand in the renewable energy industry. We specialize in community solar, helping solar farm developers connect directly with their consumers. We believe that an individual’s energy choice plays a clear, effective, and direct role in promoting clean and green energy, and our mission is to facilitate and make solar power available to all.


Happy Customers


Megawatts Allocated


Cities Covered


States Covered, with 8 more coming soon


What Our Clients Are Say

Global warming is really happening and I’m aware. But, I couldn’t use any renewable energy as I’m not a homeowner. Thanks to iSolar for giving me this opportunity.

I’m glad that iSolar takes this challenge to reach homeowners like us who want to install solar panels but don’t have enough space in the roof. I saved about 14% in my first year.

iSolar helps me to save my electric bill. I’ve been using their service for last 8 months and the savings are real! Totally satisfied, highly recommend them to others.

I took a stand for giving our children a cleaner, safer, pollution free environment all while saving money! A great initiative from iSolar that we should support.


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We’re so confident we can find the right solution for your solar needs we’ll give you a call or come to your home and walk you through all the options at no cost.

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